• November 23rd, 2023- Happy Thanksgiving and the 99th birthday of the oldest Apalachee alive, Uncle Raymond Cedars!

  • November 17th, 2023- The Apalachee are part of the Natchitoches Chamber of Commerce! A few of our Elders were able to attend and cut the ribbon at the ceremony on behalf of our tribe. A very proud moment in our tribe’s history.
Elders Bobby Kerry, Kenneth Kerry, and Raymond Cedars cutting the ribbon

  • June 10th, 2023- Apalachee Family Day at 10:30am! If you are an enrolled tribal member, you should have received a flyer in the mail with details of the event. If you did not receive a flyer, get in touch with your council member to acquire details.
  • January 3rd, 2023 – Our tribal roll has reached 268 certified Apalachees
  • November 23rd, 2022 – Happy birthday to our oldest Apalachee Elder, Raymond Cedars! He turned 98 years old today.
  • October 22nd, 2022- Apalachee Family Day at 10:00am! Please get with your council member to acquire the address of this meeting. Bring the family as well! We will have food, games, and activities for everyone!
  • HURRICANE IAN MAKES LANDFALL IN FLORIDA! September 28th, 2022, Hurricane Ian hits Florida as a Cat 4/Cat 5 storm. We will give updates on any help or donations needed for tribe members, family, and friends who may be affected by the storm.
  • September 30th, 2022- Orange Shirt Day! Help bring awareness of the graves at the residential schools and acknowledgement of the little ones that never made it home.
  • September 10th, 2022- Council meeting at 10am. Council, please make sure to dress for headshot pictures.
  • August 12th, 2022- To date, we have had 247 Apalachees certified!
  • June 18th, 2022- Election Day! This tribal meeting will be held at the Emmanuel Church and we will hold elections for government positions. All tribal members, come out and vote!
  • April 19th, 2022- Chief commission hearing in Baton Rouge. This is a meeting for all the state recognize tribes and smaller tribes in Louisiana to discuss pressing tribal issues. Open to the public.
  • March 20th, 2022- Spring Equinox.
  • TBA- Judiciary B hearing for the Apalachee people to become state recognized will be announced soon and with little as a 24hr. notice!
  • December 11th, 2021- Our Winter Solstice meeting will be for tribal members to be updated on current events and to celebrate the holidays.
  • September 3rd, 2021- ATTENTION!: With Hurricane Ida passing through earlier this week, please check on our elders. The coastal tribes have been hit the hardest and suffer massive losses due to the storm. With that said, donation drives will be put together in the coming weeks. Tribe members need to reach out to your councilman for details. If you would like to donate for tribal relief, please email for details.
  • August 8th, 2021- Apalachee Elder (Thad “Pat” Kerry Jr.) has passed away. There is a service in Webster, TX on August 12th between 1pm and 2pm and the Crowder Deats Funeral Home. There will be another service in Natchitoches, LA on August 14th between 9am and 10am at Blanchard St. Denis Funeral home.
  • July 28th, 2021- We welcome the birth of Lilly Jade Delgadillo. Daughter of Evonne Vallery Delgadillo and Michael Delgadillo, granddaughter of Justin and Janie Vallery
  • July 3rd, 2021- Chief Shirell Parfait-Dardar will be a special guest speaker at our meeting. She is Chief of the Grand Cailou/Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw
  • June 14th, 2021- TRIBAL MEMBERS: Please make sure to have knowledge of your personal roll number. If you have any questions, please contact our Tribe Secretary.
  • June 12th, 2021- Councilmembers Meeting
  • April 27th, 2021- Native American Commission of Louisiana (NACL) voted unanimously for the Apalachee to become state recognized!!!
  • November 30th, 2020- Meeting for December 12th is cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • November 14th, 2020- Meeting of the Chiefs!
  • August 24th, 2020- Be cautious and check on our elders during hurricane season!
  • August 13th, 2020- 221 members are certified on the Apalachee roll!!!
Apalachee Building