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  • November 17th, 2023, We appreciate everyone that was able to show our tribe support at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Apalachee tribe joining the Natchitoches Chamber of Commerce. We had a few guests including members of the Natchitoches tribe and Senator Louie Bernard. The highlight of the event was having Apalachee Elders Bobby Kerry, Kenneth Kerry, and Raymond Cedars cut the ribbon!
  • June 10th, 2023, Thank you to everyone that came out to Apalachee Family Day! It’s always wonderful to see old, young, and new faces at these events. Axe throwing has become a favorite activity for everyone. We hope as we continue to plan and have more Apalachee Family Days that we’ll have more people coming out to enjoy fellowship and festivities. We hope to see you at the next one!
  • May 9th, 2023, Native American Day at the Capital was a very eventful day. Our Co-Chief, Lee Martsching, and Councilman, Brock Cedars, attended the event to represent our tribe. Many of the Chiefs from state recognize tribes were present. Conversations were of plenty with one of the common themes being to strengthen tribal relationships within the state of Louisiana.
  • December 13th, 2022, Here is a link for an article done in 2020 when the chiefs of the smaller tribes in Louisiana assembled to discuss and share problems and ideas on education for their tribes. Louisiana tribal chiefs meet to discuss issues facing Native Americans (
  • December 12th, 2022, Here is a link that talks about how an Apalachee ancestor named Antonio who endured martyrdom at the hands of the English in 1704 and is now looking to become a saint with the catholic church. Indigenous martyrs and Florida Catholic history | Florida |
  • October 22nd, 2022, Apalachee Family Day! This wonderful day of family and friends will be hosted by Councilwoman Lenore Troquille and the Apalachee council. Come take part in games and activities as well as conversation with other tribe members. Food, drinks, and entertainment will be provided, so come out and enjoy the day!
  • September 22nd, 2022, Louisiana has set up a task force for recognizing tribes within the state. Senator Cloud was elected Madam Chairwoman and Senator Smith Vice-Chairman. This task force will be working closely with the Louisiana Native American Commission and the state office of the BIA to create the proper criteria and path for tribes seeking state recognition. The goal set by this task force is to have everything in order for next the Judiciary B session in spring of 2023.
  • We are looking forward to the council meeting on September 10th, 2022. Many subjects and upcoming events to discuss as well as enjoying each other’s company, stories, and food.
  • After what happened in May at the Judiciary B hearing in Baton Rouge, a petition was made and circulated online to gain signatures for the governor of Louisiana to acknowledge the events that occurred in the hearing. The Chief Commission had a meeting on August 22nd, 2022, which the governor did show up and speak. It was apparent that he holds good standings with many tribes of Louisiana and that the actions of the Judiciary B Committee did not reflect those of his own. Unfortunately, a small group made up of rogue and non-Apalachees were there to disrupt the meeting on several occasions almost leading to their dismissal. The tribe continues on its efforts for the people to be seen and heard and to let the truth be known to all who we are as the Apalachee!
  • June 18th, 2022, tribal elections were held at the Emmanuel Church in Lena, Lousiana. All council members, treasurer, and secretary were re-elected. The tribe include turning a council seat into an “out of state” representative for tribal members who live in another state. Co-Chief Justin Vallery acknowledged and supported the running of another tribe member for co-chief. On election day, the people did elect their new co-chief, Lee Martsching.
  • May 24th, 2022, Chief Troy Kerry along with some members of the council and tribe went in front of law makers of the Judiciary B Committee in the state of Louisiana for a hearing of state recognition for our tribe. The people very quickly found out what the committee thought of our tribe and Indigenous Americans. Our chief was asked unrelated questions about state recognition, accused of looking for handouts, and mocked for not knowing our language. Needless to say, the committee fulfilled what they sought out to accomplish which was to continue the oppression of our people and to treat us as less than human beings. The motion for state recognition for the Apalachee people was deferred. We will continue to seek state recognition.
  • As the tribe accepts new members, it is imperative that any person seeking enrollment must research and prepare documentation of their family history. This includes birth, death, and marriage certificates that pertain to relatives in connection with the tribe. These requirements are for all members and inquires. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • There will be a committee meeting about state recognition soon and all enrolled tribe members are invited to attend. Time and date will be presented in announcements.
  • The Native American Commission of Louisiana (NACL) voted unanimously on April 27th, 2021, for the Apalachee to move forward to become state recognized! The NACL is comprised of all the state Chiefs of Louisiana.
  • Congratulations to our new treasurer Eden Etienne elected on April 17th, 2021!
  • The Apalachee are a certified tribe with our genealogy. Each member has their own certification through the documents they’ve provided and have issued tribe roll numbers.
  • The Mission of San Luis in Tallahassee, Florida has invited the tribe to our homeland for the Winter Solstice Festival in 2018 and 2019. With Covid-19 taking over the year 2020, we are hoping restrictions will be lifted so we may return to Tallahassee for the Winter Solstice of 2021!
  • Tribal members met with Senator Gerald Long of Louisiana about tribal state recognition in August of 2018. The Apalachee are working hard to meet the guidelines.
Council House at Mission San Luis

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