Basket Making

The Apalachee, like many other indigenous people, wove baskets for utilitarian and ceremonial purposes. A variety of basket forms were used in the gathering, processing, and cooking of food resources. Rivercane was primarily used in the construction of baskets, however, an assortment of other woods and materials such as sumac, willow, swamp grass, pine needles, cedar bark, and spruce root were also used. The Apalachee to this day practice the tribal art of basket weaving.

Kenneth Kerry Sr. splitting wood
Weaving the stakes
Beginning construction of a base for a basket
Kenneth Kerry Sr. stripping bark
Kenneth Kerry Sr. working a basket strand

Kenneth Kerry Sr. working on the rim of a basket

Finishing of a small basket
Councilwoman Shalyian Jenkins working on a basket
Councilman Shalyian Jenkins weaving a basket
One of the tools used for basket making
Councilwoman Shalyian Jenkins working on a basket base
Closer look at the inner rim