Letter From the Co-Chief

My name is Justin Vallery, Sr., also known to my fellow Apalachee as “Great River”.  I am a direct descendant of Jean Babtiste Vallery. I have been a resident of Grant Parish, Louisiana my entire life. I am a husband, father and grandfather by the grace of God. My most recently earned title is Co-Chief of the Apalachee Indian Talimali Band. I was first elected as a council member then nominated and elected for the position of Co-Chief on November 2, 2019 by means of a formal election pursuant to the electoral procedure established in the bylaws of the tribe. It has been an honor to be elected for the position and I hope to not only fulfill my commitments to my fellow Apalachee but also to assist the Chief in forging new paths in creating a future for many generations to come.

I stand in support of Chief Troy as we continue to discover our history and learn where our ancestors came from.  We are who we are today because of what they have endured. We stand together so our tribe can bravely voyage forward into the future where we will not only embrace our history but we will also thrive in that identity. We are proud to be true Apalachee Native American Indians.

Thank you Co-Chief Justin Vallery, Sr.